We provide electroinstallation work and electro – maintenance work. We have in our team trained, qualified and competent workers to all types of work. For our clients, domestic and also foreign, we provide electroinstallation in residential buildings, offices, industry halls and also reconstruction work.


Plumbing, floor drainage, sewerage or heating work we provide for new buildings and also for renovations, interiors and exteriors as well. We will provide installation, repair and maintenance of yours buildings.


Our employees have years of experience in the construction field and therefore we provide quality installation of all kinds of wall and floor tiles, mosaics, tiles for outdoor and indoor swimming pools or work on the construction new residential units or reconstruction.


In this area, our main priority is excavation for the laying of cableways in towns and villages, but we also offering services in the field of foundations for family houses and fences, supporting walls, grooves for engineering networks and cesspits, water shafts, landscaping and gardens.


We also work in the field of thermal insulation of facades of family houses, residential buildings or large industrial buildings. We will take care of completely insulating your facade from mixing and applying adhesive mortar, bonding insulation boards to surface treatment.


We are a Slovak company established as a Ján Zastko – IT INDUSTRIES in 2012. After gradual changes and expansion of business areas, we have expanded for two companies: Evžen company s.r.o. and Evžen builder s.r.o. Since the beginning of our existence we provided and still provide construction and also reconstruction work for our clients in the area of England, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and of course our home country Slovakia. We are still a young and dynamic company with interest to build some new partnerships with opportunities in various fields. Therefore we strongly believe that our offer and services interested you and you will contact us in a case of interest in cooperation.

– Ján Zastko, managing director



We are providing these references for our work. If you are interested in cooperation, we will gladly provide you contact to our German partner to verify references.

  • Markplatz 1, 89281 Altenstadt – Herr Maier
  • B-Tech BVBA, Kerksraat 135, 2460 Tielen – Herr Schnirtz

Flat installations

  • Bahnhofstraße 57c/57d 76532 Baden-Baden- Haueneberstein – Herr Spinner
  • Heilbronner Str. 9-11, 10711 Berlin – Herr Krapatsch
  • Helbigstrasse 16, 12489 Berlin – Herr Schonfeld
  • Maria-Merian- Straße 2, 70736 Fellbach – Herr Knorr
  • Kronberger Str. 61, 65510 Idstein – Herr Bauer
  • Am Zollhallenstrasse 10, 79106 Freiburg – Herr Mandak
  • Emrichruhstrasse 3, 55120 Mainz-Mombach – Herr Klein
  • Wiesbaden Str. 6 a-c, 65527 Niedernhausen – Herr Koch
  • Maximilian – Haller – Straβe 16, 72488 Sigmaringen – Herr Kasunic
  • Sauerbreystraβe 23, 42697 Solingen – Herr Keller
  • Hahnstraβe 37-41, 60528 Frankfurt – Herr Werner

Hall installations

  • Beeskowdamm 3-11, 14167 Berlin – Herr Krapatsch
  • Schwarzmaierstraße 37, 94481 Grafenau – Herr Englmeier
  • Helmut-Knaus- Str. 1, 94118 Jandelsbrunn – Herr Schmid
  • Reeser Straße 94, 46446 Emmerich am Rhein – Herr Becker
  • Dahlienweg 6, 94342 Straßirchen – Herr Englmeier
Shopping centers

  • Bahnhofsplatz 1, 72160 Horb am Neckar – Herr Mizenko
  • Neubau „Post-Areal“ Ziegelstrasse 17, 88212 Ravensburg – Herr Kasunic


  • Schlesierstrasse 56, 71634 Ludwigsburg – Herr Schwarz
  • Detlev-Karsten- Rohwedder-Straße 37154 Northeim – Herr Reichardt


  • Guericke-Straβe, 39104 Magdeburg – Herr Hunger
  • Neubrückstraße 3 40213 Düsseldorf – Herr Christou

Other objects

  • Langer Weg 13, 33332 Gütersloh – Herr Sager – Fitnesscenter
  • Pasteurallee 1, 30655 Hanover – Herr Jung – Kaffee Podbi
  • Rommelstrasse 1, 76227 Karlsruhe – Herr Wagner – Krankenhaus



We appreciate every opportunity to cooperate with our company. If you are a company that is considering working with us, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can serve you an offer for all types of jobs from our portfolio. We are able to offer you qualified staff who will perform the required job mainly on the whole territory of the German Republic but also in other EU countries. If you are a skilled construction worker who wants to work in our company, send us your resume and we will inform you about the process.




For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call us or fill out the following form

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Head Office

Executive manager
Ján Zastko
Phone: +421 902 076 927
Email: zastko@evzenbuilder.eu

Business manager
Ing. Marek Vyrostek
Phone: +421 911 076 927
Email: office@evzenbuilder.eu

Office manager
Ing. Patricia Kavuličová
Phone: +421 904 111 747
Email: kavulicova@evzenbuilder.eu


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